UBank Self-Managed Super Fund

UBank Self-Managed Super Fund

If you're managing your own super fund, a then UBank self-managed super fund term deposit account could be the ideal way to boost your retirement savings.

  • Grow your SMSF savings
  • No fees to eat into your interest
  • No minimum investment amount

Maximum Variable Rate


Standard Variable Rate

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With the benefit of higher rates of interest plus the safety of a NAB-backed, low risk account, your UBank super fund account could be earning more than you think.

What Terms Are Available?

The UBank self-managed super fund term deposit accounts are available for terms of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months or 24 months.

This can give you plenty of options as far as earning a good return on your superannuation savings, without the need to tie up your money for years at a time. In most cases, your interest is paid at the end of the term directly to the linked account you nominated.

Verifying Your Self-Managed Super Fund

You will need to provide evidence of the details of your self-managed super fund to qualify for this type of high interest account. UBank may require a certified copy of your SMSF trust deed, showing the name of the trust and naming the trustees and members of the fund.

When you nominate your linked Australian bank account, you will also need to provide a statement from that bank, showing that the account is either in the name of your SMSF or in the name of the trustees of the fund.

So if you want to boost your retirement savings, but not tie your money up for years at a time, the UBank Self-Managed Super Fund term deposit account could offer you the ideal way to get your super money working for you.

  • High competitive interest rate
  • No transaction fees
  • $sa_product_min_balance minimum deposit
  • Up to a maximum deposit of $2000000

Opening a UBank Self-Managed Super Fund Term Deposit Account

In order to open your UBank Self-Managed Super Fund term deposit account, you will need to verify that you have a complying SMSF where either you have trustees that are two individuals or a corporate trustee in which the company has two directors.

You should be able to link your UBank account to any other Australian bank account that is in the same name as your self-managed super fund, or in the same name of the trustees. This linked account is where your interest payments will be paid to.

UBank will also require that you deposit at least $0 of your super fund into a term deposit account in order to make the most of the high rates of interest your money can earn.

If you're sure you meet the minimum criteria for opening a UBank self-managed super fund term deposit account, then simply submit your application online or you can apply over the phone.

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4 Responses to UBank Self-Managed Super Fund

  1. Default Gravatar
    sue | October 13, 2012

    Do you have some sort of allocated super account

    • Staff
      Adrian | October 16, 2012

      Hi Sue. The UBank SMSF account seems to be just a SMSF cash account and not a mixed class super account. You may want to look at ANZ which has an SMSF allocation product.
      Hope this helps.

  2. Default Gravatar
    Belinda | September 19, 2012

    Please advise in order to open a self managed super fund Ubank account, do you need the original deed plus any subsequent variations or just the most recent deed of variation?
    Many thanks

    • Staff
      Adrian | September 24, 2012

      Hi Belinda,
      Here are the details to verify your SMSF from UBank:
      ‘To verify the details of your fund we need:

      • Certified pages of the parts of your trust deed (for example,
        the schedule) that display the name of the fund; who the
        trustee(s) are; and who the member(s) of the fund are; OR
      • A certified copy of a notice issued by the ATO that verifies
        the name of the fund and the trustee(s) of the fund.

      The following certification requirements must appear on each page
      of the copy:

      • Full printed name and address of the Approved Certifier
        Registration number (if applicable)
      • Date that the document was certified
      • The following text: ‘This is to certify that this is a true copy
        of the original which I have sighted’
      • Signature of the Approved Certifier
      • The capacity in which they have certified the document
        e.g. a police officer etc

      Thanks for your question

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