How to Invest Your Money and Build Wealth with St.George Investment Products

Rates and Fees verified correct on March 1st, 2015

St.George investment products are as diverse as many share portfolios. Find out how you can build wealth, starting this week with St.George bank.

The range of St.George investment products allows you to invest your money for a healthy return that also offers safety and security for your money. Whether you want to earn a high rate of interest on your money or whether you're building savings for investment purposes, there are account options available to suit you.

St.George Transaction Accounts

Rates last updated March 1st, 2015
Savings Account Monthly Account Fee Debit Card Access ATM Withdrawal Fee Interest Rate p.a. Details
St.George SENSE
A combined transaction account and savings account to help you save.
$5 Yes, Visa $0 2.85% No ATM fee when using St.George, BankSA, Bank of Melbourne and Westpac ATMs (in Australia). No monthly service fee if you deposit a minimum of $2,000 per month. Open More
St.George Complete Freedom Account
No account keeping fees if you deposit $2,000 per month, no minimum balance, which means you don’t have to keep your account balance at $2,000 for the whole month.
$5 Yes, Visa $0 0.00% No account keeping fees, if you deposit $2,000 per month plus no minimum balance required. No ATM fees when using St.George / Westpac / BankSA ATMs. Open More
St.George Express Freedom Account
A low cost transaction account with Visa Debit Card.
$3 Yes, Visa $0 0.00% No ATM fees when using St.George / Westpac / BankSA ATMs. No monthly service fee if you deposit a minimum of $1,000 per month otherwise $3 monthly fee applies. Open More

St.George High Interest Savings Account

Rates last updated March 1st, 2015
Maximum Variable Rate p.a. Standard Variable Rate p.a. Bonus Interest p.a. Fees Min Bal / Min Deposit
St.George Maxi Saver
Enjoy a great maximum variable rate of 4.25% for first 3 months and a high ongoing rate of 2.00% thereafter from one of the Australian most trusted banks. This rate is valid for new customers only.
3.45% 2.00% 1.45% $0 $1 / $1 Open More

St.George Term Deposit Rates

Rates last updated March 1st, 2015
3 Mths p.a. 4 Mths p.a. 6 Mths p.a. 12 Mths p.a. 24 Mths p.a. 36 Mths p.a. 60 Mths p.a. Min Deposit Interest
St.George Term Deposit
St.George Term Deposit
2.25% 2.60% 2.25% 2.70% 2.75% 2.75% 3.20% $1,000 Open More

Choosing Between St.George Investment Products:

High Interest Savings Accounts

When you build your savings in a high interest account, you have the benefit of earning a secure rate of return on your investment, regardless of what the markets are doing.

A Term Deposit account can allow you to lock your money away safely, while still earning a high fixed rate of interest. This is an attractive option for many investors, as the rate of return is guaranteed for the term of the deposit agreement. Keep in mind that your money is locked away during this term, and withdrawing it may attract fees.

An Investment Cash account offers a little more flexibility than a Term Deposit account in that you still have full access to your cash when you need it. However, you'll still be earning a high interest rate on your savings, so this option is ideal for anyone who still requires access to their money.

A Maxi Saver Account is an online savings account offering a high rate of interest on your savings with the benefit of no account fees. This can help investors to reach any savings goals they have much faster.

With some St.George Investment products, you can also choose to have your interest paid to you as a form of income each month with some accounts, or you might opt to leave your interest earnings in your account to help boost your savings.

Financial Planning

Many people are unsure of how or where to invest their money, so St.George Financial Planning is designed to help you make wise investment decisions based on your own personal goals.

'directshares' Online Broking

St.George also offers a range of online broking options if you choose to diversify your investments to include the share market.
'directshares' is St.George's online broking platform that can allow you to take control of your investments. You have the option of buying, selling and trading shares, options, warrants and managed funds through your online broking account. With the convenience of an online trading platform, this can mean investors are able to manage and access their own trading accounts whenever it suits them most.

DIY Super Direct Saver Account

If you're willing to take control of your own superannuation savings, then a high interest online account specifically created for DIY super could be ideal. This type of account is available to those with self-managed superannuation funds wanting to boost the rate of return on their investment with high interest returns, yet still maintain access to their savings.

No matter what your investment goals are, St.George investment products are designed to help you get the most out of your investments and help you build wealth for your future.

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Rates last updated March 1st, 2015
Maximum Variable Rate p.a. Standard Variable Rate p.a. Bonus Interest p.a. Fees Min Bal / Min Deposit
ING DIRECT Savings Maximiser
Earn 3.75% p.a. when you open an Orange Everyday Account and deposit at least $1,000 into it each month from an external bank account.
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Bankwest Hero Saver
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ME Bank Online Savings Account
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